There are several different parts to your home’s exterior. The soffit is the bottom part of the area where your roof overhangs the exterior wall of your house. The fascia is the “face” of the overhang. This siding is the material that nailed to the exterior walls of the house. The shutters go beside the windows. Mastic is the main vinyl siding manufacturer in the USA.  They provide amazing quality beauty in their products. Ovation, Quest, and Structure Home Insulation System are some of their styles you can choose from.

At CityWide, we offer a full line of brands, types, and colors to suit all your siding needs to best match the personality of your home. Whether you choose Vinyl, Fiber Cement, or Wood siding, our products are guaranteed to accentuate your home. Whether you want a new look for your house or need to repair your existing siding, our expert team will ensure your satisfaction to a job well done. Residential Services include the following: shingle, tile, cedar shakes, ventilation, metal concrete and clay, composite, slate, gutters, downspouts, fascia, soffits, and siding.

Whether you are missing some siding and need it replaced or you want to completely remodel your home’s exterior with new siding, the experts at CityWide are here to help. We have years of experience working with various types and styles of siding including vinyl, shingle, stone and brick. You can trust our specialists to refinish your home’s exterior perfectly and in a timely manner.